Desktop automatic SMT P&P machine KAYO-D2V-25S

Manufacturer: KAYO
Model: D2V-25S


KAYO-D2V-25S is the classic of desktop dual-head SMT pick and placement machine. High precision, more reasonable mechanical design, easy operation, stable running, adapting air-operated feeder, automatic vision system, automatic detection materials shortage. Suitable for mounting most of the SMD components, such as 0402 0603 0805 1206 1210 3528 5050 SOP QFN, etc.


Drawer type computer and driver integrated, could pull out lightly, convenient for later maintenance.
Disassembled chassis, easy to handling.
HD industrial camera, precisely identify 0402, 15*15mm and other electronic chips.
Intelligent remounting design, when pick materials failed, software will instruct to continue mounting no-stop, record and unify remounting. It could improve the mounting efficiety.
Component auxiliary box design, make components programming and position revising more precisely.
Software is easy to understand and use, free upgrade permanently.



Feeder No. (8mm):


Mounting head:

2 heads

Mounting accuracy:

±60 µm (3σ)


stepper motors + belts + X/Y linear guides

Vision operating system:

build-in PC, automatically recognize, correct and remount

Max mounting speed:

6000 cph

Z-axis max. movement range:

20 mm

Max. PCB dimension:

295х420 mm

Applicable components:

0402, 0603, 0808, 1206, diodes, transistors, SOT, QFM (9x9mm), etc
Max. component height (Z):

5,5 mm

Feeder type:

8,12,16 mm, vibration feeders



Operation system:


Programming mode:

Point-to-point and visual programming, PCB file coordinates inputting, etc.

Power supply:

220V, 50Hz, 300W

Compressed air:

5-6 bar


1045х850х650 mm


168 kg

Quick release connector:


Base complectation

Desktop automatic SMD pick&place machine KAYO-D2V-25S
Monitor 15"
Keyboard + Mouse
Signal tower (3 colors, 12 V)
Service kit
Nozzle 502
Nozzle 503
Nozzle 504
Nozzle 505
Sealing ring


Feeder storage trolley

Electric feeders:
Electric feeder 8 mm
Electric feeder 12 mm
Electric feeder 16 mm
Electric feeder 24 mm
Pneumatic feeders:
Pneumatic feeder CL 8 mm pitch 2 mm pocket for 7 "Reel
Pneumatic feeder CL 8 mm pitch 2 mm pocket for 15 "Reel
Pneumatic feeder CL 8 mm pitch 4mm pocket for 7" Reel
Pneumatic feeder CL 8 mm pitch 4 mm pocket for 15 "Reel
Pneumatic feeder CL 12 mm
Pneumatic feeder CL 16 mm
Pneumatic feeder CL 24 mm
Pneumatic feeder CL 32 mm
Vibrating stick feeder, 3 tracks
Vibrating stick feeder, 5 tracks
Support pins for standard JEDEC TRAY
Nozzle 501 (for components 0201)
Nozzle 502 (for components 0402)
Nozzle 503 (for components 0603, 0805)
Nozzle 504 (for components 1206)
Nozzle 505 (for components 1210, 2010)
Nozzle 506 (inner diameter 3.2mm, outer diameter 5 mm)
Nozzle 507 (inner diameter 5mm, outer diameter 8.5 mm)
Nozzle 508 (inner diametr 8mm, outer diameter 9,5 mm)
Nozzle 510 (for melf 1.6 < D < 3.5)
Nozzle 511 (for melf 3.6 < D < 5.9)


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