Convection reflow oven, model KAYO-RF430

Manufacturer KAYO
Model KAYO RF430


Four-zone convection oven for group soldering SMD components on the surface of the printed circuit board.

System features:

High-efficiency heating system that provides uniform heat transfer (±2℃)
Industrial PC and PID controller
Modular design (ease of maintenance and repair)
Low noise engines with low vibration
Self-diagnostic system with display of errors in the work and sound-light indication
Rapid heating from room temperature to necessary (about 15 minutes)
Highly reliable solid-state relays


Number of heating zones in the oven (top,bottom): 4/4
Total length of heating zones: 1400 mm
Heating method:
closed circuit circulation of hot air
Number of cooling zones: 1
Cooling method: forced air flow
Max PCB width: 300 mm
PCB transportation height: 880 ± 20 mm
Conveyor speed: 0 - 2000 mm/min
Conveyor type: mesh
Power supply:
3 phases, 380 V, 50/60 Hz
Starting power: 16 kW
Average operating power: 3 kW
Heating time: 15-20 min
Max heating temperature: 400ºC
Temperature control accuracy: ±1ºC
Average temperature deviation: ±2ºC
Temperature adjustment: PID controller solid state relays
Temperature control:
deviation indication system
Machine dimensions:
2500х700х1220 mm
Machine weight:
300 kg
300 m3/h


Additional chain conveyor

Control via PC

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